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Communities worldwide want economies that are stronger, greener, fairer, more resilient, more democratic, and more diverse. Jobs must be created, climate change addressed, infrastructure repaired, schools upgraded, and more.The Local Economic Direct Democracy Association (LEDDA) Partnership is paving the way by using complex-systems engineering principles to develop and test a new, local, parallel, information-rich economic system that can complement and compete with existing systems.

This first-of-its-kind partnership is intended to become a diverse, global association of academic, civil society, government, business, and philanthropy groups. It’s task is to develop and test in live pilot trials the LEDDA framework. The partnership is envisioned as a bold, 10-year, 70 million-dollar-effort to scientifically explore new, sustainable foundations for 21st century society.

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The LEDDA framework is based on the 2014 book, Economic Direct Democracy: A Framework to End Poverty and Maximize Well-Being.

LEDDA (Lē´dǝ) n. Local Economic Direct Democracy Association. A membership-based, community benefit corporation that implements a secondary economic framework as a local overlay to an existing city or regional economy. The framework offers all members roughly equal and direct opportunity to influence their local economy.

The LEDDA framework provides greater organization to a local economy, one hard-wired for cooperation and steeped in democratic decision-making processes. A simulation model of a county-level LEDDA economy has been published.

Work of the LEDDA Partnership will span multiple fields, including education, ecology, labor, climate, poverty, public health, economics, finance, business, agriculture, sociology, manufacturing, law, ethics, computer science, statistics, technology, media, literature, political science, and conflict resolution. We invite you to get involved. For more information, see the LEDDA Partnership 10-Year Strategic Plan.